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The design of cycle jerseys and clothing is a fascinating subject area for me. Much has changed in the manufacture of cycling garments over the years and I hope to illustrate both old and new techniques that have changed over the years, along with some stand-out designs that have become iconic along with some not so good designs!

Way back in October 2012, I started to develop this website that I've kept adding and updating so that search engines such as Google, Bing, etc bring in the region of 4,000 unique visitors/month.

The website is now a place where cycling fans/enthusiasts, journalists and people generally interested in design can browse a wide selection of old retro team jerseys from various eras, different manufacturers, associated bike brands, teams and races.

For each garment (predominately short sleeve jerseys as they look better photographed) there is a mixture of structured and free text that tells each jersey's story along with macro photographs that highlight garment features such as zip pullers, embroidery, pockets etc.

Much of the drive behind creating this website is to use some of the new knowledge that I have learnt whilst studying at the Open University. I never did get to finish my degree early in my career, so by studying the Top-up BSc (Honours) Computing and IT Practice I hope to do so very soon - before the end of 2016 in fact!

There is now dedicated page to the Art of the Jersey book that I wrote in conjunction with Octopus Publishing who contacted me after seeing the website.

Given the number of visitors the website now gets, I've moved from the previous shared hosting environment to a new and improved cloud-based solution on the DigitalOcean network. Given my own personal experience, it's perhaps no great surprise that my server instance (called a Droplet in DO's parlence) is running a LAMP stack with the web pages that you see are brought to you with a combination of the CakePHP framework and Bootstrap via SSL with the help of letsencrypt.org.

I'm always running Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tests, so this website allows me to analyse what effects subtle changes have on a website's rankings/SERP in the world of search engines.

If you fancy getting in touch, then twitter is the best bet.


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