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The history of cycling jerseys and clothing is a fascinating subject area for me. Although I now work in the bicycle trade at Prendas Ciclsimo, my love of cycling has been with me for far longer.

After riding a bike pretty much permanently as a kid, I got my first serious bike whilst still at school which I rode alot entering the odd local race. My younger brother (Barney Storey) also got himself a mountain bike and my Dad also eventually got fed up watching us race and got interested too.

Over the years I built up a decent collection of cycle jerseys, many of which were purchased from Mick Tarrant at a fledging Prendas Ciclismo that he'd run out of his spare bedroom until the business gre big enough to justify being housed in a commercial property and take on staff.  

Art of the Jersey Book

My book actually started out life as this website and it was Joe Cottington from Octopus Publishing Group that got in touch after having visited the site. His enthusiasm was clear from the start and I was delighted to be able to get some of the jerseys re-shoot by a professional photographer plus getting a lot of the text edited.

The Art of the Jersey Book celebrates the jersey’s changing styles and trends such as iconic retro jersey designs, team jerseys worn by Giro D'Italia and Paris-Roubaix winners and specialist items / hard-to-find collector’s pieces. 

Whilst I have 100's of jerseys online, you'll fine many jerseys that are exclusively in the book and not online.  The book features over 200 jerseys with each one having a a photograph along with a key information telling the jersey's story.

The Art of the Jersey book was published in May 2016 and you can order it from either Amazon or you can get a signed or unsigned copy of the Art of the Jersey from Prendas Ciclismo.

Join me looking back over of some of the most iconic, memorable and stylish cycling racing jerseys of the past 40 years - enjoying the history of cycling jerseys over 200 pages!


Quotes and reviews of the Art of the Jersey

Don't take my word for it! I've assembled the following list of reviews that occured after my initial marketing push. In addition there are currently over 30 reviews on Amazon and Prendas Ciclismo have product reviews on their product page - generated from verified customers.

"It's like having a museum on your bookshelf or coffee table, a private collection of jerseys to display and the accompanying notes."

"Storey's expertise and personal taste combine to make interesting and enjoyable reading."

"This book is a celebration of the past 40 years of memorable jerseys. If you are into the history of kit design and kit history, this book is a must-have."

"The format, production and printing are quite impeccable."

"As far as coffee table books go this one is an absolute joy to have at hand and I can’t help but give it a flick every time I see it. It just makes me happy! Simple things I guess – well worth the asking price."

"There are many stunning jerseys recorded in the book, the accompanying text is concise, informative and entertaining. Storey packs in a huge amount of knowledge about the teams and their sponsors."

The Art of the Jersey Hardback Book

Hardcover: 224 pages.
Publisher: Mitchell Beazley.
Language: English.
ISBN: 9781784721664.
Publication date: 5 May 2016.


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