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Androni 2011 
Team JerseyAndroni 2011 Team Jersey
This colourful, logo-heavy design has kept a similar design theme over the years, keeping the team afloat.
Australian Team JerseyAustralian Team Jersey
Santini have been happy to partner with the Australian National Team for over ten years. This is the 2008 team jersey.
Belkin 2014 Team 
JerseyBelkin 2014 Team Jersey
This stunning aero jersey from Santini is identical to the ones you will see the pro riders wearing during the 2014 season!
Bianchi/Motorex/Manitou MTB Team JerseyBianchi/Motorex/Manitou MTB Team Jersey
Although primarily known for their road bikes, Bianchi sponsored a top-flight MTB team featuring Jose Antonio Hermida and Julien Absalon.
Wool JerseyBianchi/Ursus Wool Jersey
This Bianchi wool jersey was to be used by the Italian actor Sergio Castellitto as Fauso Coppi in RAI`s `Il Grande Fausto` film.
Casto/Castorama 1993 JerseyCasto/Castorama 1993 Jersey
This jersey is from the French Castorama professional team who decided it was a good idea to make their team jersey to look like their employee`s uniforms!
Colombia/Coldportes JerseyColombia/Coldportes Jersey
After seeing the striking Colombia/Coldportes jersey on the front of Rouleur issue 60, I had to get the jersey online!
JerseyGewiss/Ballan Jersey
The Gewiss team dominated the early season classics in 1994 with Berzin, Furlan and Argentin all winning!
Giro 2004 Pink JerseyGiro 2004 Pink Jersey
During the mid 2000`s, RCS and Santini opted to have an artist`s painting incorporated into the design, 2004 was the turn of Mark Kostobi.
Giro 2010 Black/Pink JerseyGiro 2010 Black/Pink Jersey
Every year Santini produce a range of garments to complement the Giro d’Italia leaders’ jerseys - this Maglia Nera is from the 2010 range.
Coppi Wool JerseyGiro/Fausto Coppi Wool Jersey
Santini produced this limited edition wool jersey to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Fausto Coppi`s first pink jersey.
Maglia Nera Wool JerseyGiro/Fausto Maglia Nera Wool Jersey
Santini produced this limited edition "Maglia Nera" jersey exclusively for Prendas Ciclismo to compliment the 70th anniversary pink jersey
2006 Pink JerseyGiro/Liquigas 2006 Pink Jersey
Worn by Danilo Di Luca in 2006, this pink jersey even has the correct sponsor logos in the white panel.
Le Groupement 
JerseyLe Groupement Jersey
Le Groupement only lasted a season but it`s team jersey gets plenty of mentions decades later - normally in lists of worst ever jersey designs!
Liquigas/Bianchi/WC JerseyLiquigas/Bianchi/WC Jersey
Commissioned by Prendas, this 2005 jersey gave fans of Super Mario the chance to enjoy his season with the Italian super Team Liquigas - Bianchi.
Lotto/Jumbo 2015 
Team JerseyLotto/Jumbo 2015 Team Jersey
The Lotto Jumbo jersey is a team original/aero version from Santini that is the same technical specification that the pro riders wear in 2015.
Reynolds/Galli JerseyReynolds/Galli Jersey
This delightful Reynolds jersey from the 1981 season features a wool/acrylic mix and some fabulous flock lettering and logos.
South Australia 
2008 JerseySouth Australia 2008 Jersey
A fun and vibrant team jersey by Santini from the 2008 season for an Australian UCI Conti team featuring the inevitable kangaroo!
Coast/Bianchi 2003 Team JerseyTeam Coast/Bianchi 2003 Team Jersey
A special edition version of the Team Coast jersey made for the 2003 Giro D`Italia by the basque manufacturer Etxeondo.

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