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Malvor 1988 JerseyMalvor 1988 Jersey
A striking, bold red and green jersey by Sportful that features the cosmetics firm Malvor as well as the Italian bike brand Bottecchia.
Malvor/Sidi/Bottecchia JerseyMalvor/Sidi/Bottecchia Jersey
Another classic jersey from Assos made famous by Acacio da Silva winning in the high mountains of the Giro.
SCIC JerseySCIC Jersey
A monochrome design made famous by Giuseppe Saronni, Vittorio Adorni, Franco Balmamion and Gianbattista Baronchelli.
ZG Mobili 1993 
JerseyZG Mobili 1993 Jersey
A colourful jersey by Sportful from the 1993 season, the team was managed by the equally colourful Gianni Savio!

Website: Bottecchia