The bikes used by these cycling teams are unknown

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Giro del Bergamasco JerseyGiro del Bergamasco Jersey
Research reveals that this wonderful Santini wool team jersey was the leaders jersey for the 1984 Settimana Ciclistica Bergamasca - won by Flavio Giupponi.
Italian National 1982 Team JerseyItalian National 1982 Team Jersey
This is the spare wool team jersey that Stefano Colage had in his suitcase when he participated in the 1982 World Cycling Championships at Goodwood.
Mapei Day 2006 JerseyMapei Day 2006 Jersey
This event jersey by Santini for the annual Mapei Day features an eagle as part of the design for 2006.
Mapei Day 2010 JerseyMapei Day 2010 Jersey
This celebration jersey made by Santini for the 2010 Mapei Day with the design created in memory of Franco Ballerini.
Mapei Day 2014 JerseyMapei Day 2014 Jersey
This jersey is a 10th anniversary celebration for Mapei Day - a fantastic annual multi-sport event that takes place in July.
SEM JerseySEM Jersey
Most Sean Kelly fans will have a favourite that he rode for, usually the KAS jersey, but my favourite is this SEM jersey!
Van Swieten/DAF JerseyVan Swieten/DAF Jersey
I had previously thought that this was a precursor to the TVM team, but after some research it appears not!

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