The first 20 jerseys added to the online collection!

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Back in December 2012, I made myself a small but achievable target of getting my first 20 jerseys online for the world to see and on the 31st December, I did manage that - cutting it fine, by a box ticked!

As I reported previously, the mix of jersey types, manufacturers, styles, etc was pretty random and does not really represent a broad cross section of the jerseys I have.  However, you have to start somewhere and I have also been working on the design of the underlying data as well as the functionality of the website itself.

There's still alot of work to do on the website, and I have not even started to proactively get people actually looking at the website by means of building some quality links, but with no live homepage perhaps that's the best approach for now.

In the mean time, as the site grows, people will find it via natural search and I can get on with the task of getting 100 jerseys online by the end of the year - that's only 1.5 jerseys on average per week, so not as daunting as it might sound!

Here's the final list of the first 20 jerseys;

Enjoy and thanks for reading!