My online to-do list for the c-j-c website

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In my previous blogs, I have only made mention of the fact that I want to get 100 items online for you to see by the end of 2013.   Adding content to a newly designed and implemented website is only half the story of course!

As well as adding new items every week, I am still developing the functionality of the site as well as trying to build up interest in the site by using Twitter to engage with followers, fans, riders and manufacturers.

The list below is my working to-do list of all the technical changes that I would like to make in order to make your browsing experience better and in some instances to improve the way I do things.    

  1. Provide an improved Browse the Collection page allowing users to filter the results by manufacturer, make, material, team, etc
  2. Allow users of this website to submit items to the collection.
  3. Allow users of this website to comment and/or rate the items they see looking at using the vocabulary if suitable.
  4. Display related items in the collection for a specific garment

  5. Change the entire site to HTTPS/SSL.
  6. Add Like | Tweet | G+ buttons to each item allowing for better social media engagement.
  7. With the use of appropriate meta data and html changes, get Google to prioritise the bigger 600 pixel images in it's search results, trying ot prevent thumbnails appearing.
  8. Create an XML Schema for the collection.
  9. Create a customised 404 page


If you feel there is anything I should be adding to this website, please feel free to get in touch with me!