Three days at the 2016 Rouleur Classic

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I don't get out of the office very often, being honest my time really is better spent improving, enhancing and tinkering with the Prendas website to ensure the utmost performance and which ultimately should result in more sales.

In the corner of our busy, mail order warehouse we have collection of vintage team jerseys that we sometimes hang up and display, but more often that not, they just sit in the crates bagged up waiting for us to use them as a template so that we can accurately re-create replica retro jersey in modern fabrics.

For the Rouleur exhibition, the general idea was to decorate an otherwise functional walkway with our version of issue 10's front page cover that had some classic team wool jersyes (GiS Gelati, Peugeot Michelin, Mapei GB, TI Raleigh, Molteni Arcore, Fiat et al) drying on a washing line.

After much deliberation, we choose 24 jerseys (thumbnails are below - apart from the KAS, Reynolds, Safir, La Redoute which I'll get online) to display to the public that would provoke some thought, discussion, reaction or questions.  Judging on the number of interested visitors that approached us, including fellow trade exhibitors, ex-pros and current pros, I think we did a pretty good job!  It was also poignant that four of the jerseys we had on display were given to us by Roger Slade who is sadly no longer with us.

Whilst I was a busy three days, I did get time to see some of the exhibition myself and during my spare time I managed to get Sean Kelly, Danilo Di Luca and Filippo 'Pippo' Pozzato to sign a copy of Art of the Jersey that I had on me.  A pretty good idea - so now that copy of the book will follow me on other trips - I'll see if I can get a few more signatures!

Some photographs from the Rouleur Classic Exhibition:

Giro D'Italia winners pink jerseys were on display as well as the winners trophy.
Some Giro D'Italia winners pink jerseys were on display in the fabulous art-deco ballroom as well as the iconic winners trophy. If you want to see more, I have a section of this website dedicated to jerseys from the Giro D'Italia!

Sean Kelly kindly signed the copy of Art of the Jersey I had with me.
Sean Kelly kindly signed the copy of Art of the Jersey I had with me. Kelly had his own exhibition space upstairs where I could have spent hours look at his priceless trophies and a stunning Concorde PDM team bike he brought along with him.

Danilo Di Lica kindly signed the copy of Art of the Jersey I had with me.
Danilo Di Lica was at the Rouleur Classic on the Velo Bici stand promoting his own bike brand.

Pippo Pozzato kindly signed the copy of Art of the Jersey I had with me.
Pippo Pozzato was one of the many speakers at the the Rouleur Classic.

Me and the boss giving away from cotton caps to people who came to see us!
Throughtout our time at the Rouleur Classic, both Mick (right) and I spent time giving our key rings and many, many Tutto Scritto cotton caps!

I also wrote up the exhibition on the Prendas blog if you care to read that!

Wool JerseyBianchi/Ursus Wool Jersey
This Bianchi wool jersey was to be used by the Italian actor Sergio Castellitto as Fauso Coppi in RAI`s `Il Grande Fausto` film.
BiC Retro 
JerseyBiC Retro Jersey
This design matches that of Luis Ocana`s team in the 1970`s, but was made for a semi-pro Belian team that was active in the same period.
Brooklyn Wool 
JerseyBrooklyn Wool Jersey
With four victories in Paris-Roubaix, RdV was known as "Monsieur Paris Roubaix", most people remember him on a GIOS riding this jersey!
Ariostea 1988 
Retro JerseyAriostea 1988 Retro Jersey
With Ferretti at the wheel, the colours of the Ariostea jersey were a prominent presence in the peloton.
Cilo Wool L/S JerseyCilo Wool L/S Jersey
A simple yet effective design from Santini that certainly looks much better than the 1990`s MTB fluro design!
Wool JerseyCoop/Hoonved Wool Jersey
A bold, great looking jersey design that still works today that won the La Fleche Wallonne in 1984 thanks to Kim Andersen.
Cote D`Or/DAF 
Trucks JerseyCote D`Or/DAF Trucks Jersey
Yet another stunning wool jersey from Santini of Bergamo - this time one that Roger De Vlaeminck looked GREAT in!
Drops/Prendas JerseyDrops/Prendas Jersey
This Drops Cycling/Prendas race jersey provides a tight-fitting garment to enhance aerodynamics for the riders of the Drops Cycling Team.
Europ Decor/Boule d`Or `84 JerseyEurop Decor/Boule d`Or `84 Jersey
A stunning example of an 1980`s team jersey, as worn by Frank Hoste on his way to winning the Green/Points TdF Jersey.
gelati Sanson Wool Jerseygelati Sanson Wool Jersey
A truly iconic jersey, the Sanson jersey was made famous by Francesco Moser`s victories in Paris-Roubaix.
Gis Gelati 1979 JerseyGis Gelati 1979 Jersey
The team jerseys of long-term sponsor GiS Geltai have a bold, distinctive and unique logo that`s been present on the various design iterations over the years.
Italian National Team JerseyItalian National Team Jersey
This Sportful jersey is from the 2002 season when Mario Cipollini won the World Road Championships thanks to an incredible sprint at the Zolder Motor racing circuit in Belgium.
Aernhoudt/Rossin JerseyJ. Aernhoudt/Rossin Jersey
Another fantastic wool retro team jersey by Santini that was ridden to victory at the 1983 Paris Roubaix by Hennie Kuiper.
La Vie Claire 1985 JerseyLa Vie Claire 1985 Jersey
As worn by Bernard Hinault, a truly unique design based on Mondrian`s geometric pattern that was something of a revolution in the peloton.
Mobili/Italian Champion JerseyMetauro Mobili/Italian Champion Jersey
A stunning wool jersey made by Santini for 1983 Belgian National Champion Lucien Van Impe.
Peugeot Wool 
JerseyPeugeot Wool Jersey
A short sleeve wool team jersey made by Santini for the Peugeot team in the 1980`s with it`s iconic checkerboard design.
1996 JerseyPostobon/Assos 1996 Jersey
Super-colourful Postobon Colombian 1996 team jersey produced by Assos of Switzerland.
Retro 1983 JerseyRenault/Elf Retro 1983 Jersey
The Renault/Elf team jersey was and still is a really striking design, made by Castelli in Italy.
Super Confex 
1988 Retro JerseySuper Confex 1988 Retro Jersey
An iconic Super Confex/Yoko/Colnago retro team jersey from the 1988 season made in Belgium by Decca.
World Champion 
Road JerseyWorld Champion Road Jersey
Made by Santini and officially licensed by the UCI, this World Champion jersey has been signed by the best cyclist in the world - Marianne Vos!