Jerseys kindly submitted by my friend Robert of Roma, Italia

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Working at Prendas you get to know many people across our planet that you wished lived just a little bit closer.

Robert Reis is one of those people, an uber fan of Euskaltel, I`ve know Robert for many years now and he recently very kindly sent me a fabulous collection of jerseys from the 1980`s.

All of the jerseys on this page Robert has kindly sent me to appear on this online collection of jerseys - he did mention that they should go in the next Art of the Jersey book I'm going to write!

Murella/Rossin JerseyMurella/Rossin Jersey
This retro Castelli team jersey was way ahead of it's time. It's striking jersey design and with the matching bib shorts looked great on TV at the time!
Alba Cucine/Benotto JerseyAlba Cucine/Benotto Jersey
The Alba Cucine/Benotto jersey is a typically busy team jersey design of the period with a myriad of sponsors all competing for space.
Ecoflam/Jolly 1986 Team JerseyEcoflam/Jolly 1986 Team Jersey
The look of the Ecoflam/Jolly 1986 team jersey is typical for the period, when sublimnation first appeared in the professional peloton in the 1980`s.
Gis Gelati/Jolly 1987 JerseyGis Gelati/Jolly 1987 Jersey
In typical Italian fashion, the design team really went to town even adding the Zanussi logos (and yet another colour) for the team to wear at the Giro.
Titanbonifica/Benotto JerseyTitanbonifica/Benotto Jersey
This Titanbonifica/Benotto jersey by Sportful worn worn by Anglo-Italian Max Sciandri early in his career.
Euskadi/Etxeondo JerseyEuskadi/Etxeondo Jersey
The original design of the Euskadi jersey before Euskaltel became a sponsor of the Basque team.
Italian National 1982 Team JerseyItalian National 1982 Team Jersey
This is the spare wool team jersey that Stefano Colage had in his suitcase when he participated in the 1982 World Cycling Championships at Goodwood.
Dromedario 1986 JerseyDromedario 1986 Jersey
With all the news about the demise of the Tour of Qatar, I decided to add this 1986 jersey to my site - it's not often you have a camel on a cycle jersey afterall!
Selle Italia / Chinol JerseySelle Italia / Chinol Jersey
This 1980's wool team jersey made by SEB is a mix of wool and acrylic for the jersey's panels with flock lettering used to add the sponsors logos.