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Welcome to my collection of retro and team cycling jerseys, which I have photographed and then written a short storyand explaination about them all.  I can't say I will ever have every team jersey that has ever existed, as this is an enormous subject, however over time I'll do my very best to get as many online as I can.    This collection started off as my own personal collection, which led to me publishing The Art of the Jersey hardback book, but overtime I hope to create a more complete record.

When I first started creating this website, the Browse Collection page did not allow you to filer your selection, but as my collection has grown I have allowed you to narrow down the items that are displayed by the garment's manufacturer, the assosicated bike brand, by team and also by race as well as adding a text search available on every page at the top of the page.

Below are some truly iconic cycling team jerseys - certainly some of my all-time favourite jerseys!



Wool JerseyBianchi/Ursus Wool Jersey
This Bianchi wool jersey was to be used by the Italian actor Sergio Castellitto as Fauso Coppi in RAI`s `Il Grande Fausto` film.
Brooklyn Wool 
JerseyBrooklyn Wool Jersey
With four victories in Paris-Roubaix, RdV was known as "Monsieur Paris Roubaix", most people remember him on a GIOS riding this jersey!
Cote D`Or/DAF 
Trucks JerseyCote D`Or/DAF Trucks Jersey
Yet another stunning wool jersey from Santini of Bergamo - this time one that Roger De Vlaeminck looked GREAT in!
Europ Decor/Boule d`Or `84 JerseyEurop Decor/Boule d`Or `84 Jersey
A stunning example of an 1980`s team jersey, as worn by Frank Hoste on his way to winning the Green/Points TdF Jersey.
Flandria 1975 
Wool JerseyFlandria 1975 Wool Jersey
A rare pro team jersey made for Walter Godefroot whilst riding for the mighty "red train"; the 1975 Flandria/Carpenter/Confortluxe Team.
Maglia Nera Wool JerseyGiro/Fausto Maglia Nera Wool Jersey
Santini produced this limited edition "Maglia Nera" jersey exclusively for Prendas Ciclismo to compliment the 70th anniversary pink jersey
Hoonved/Bottecchia JerseyHoonved/Bottecchia Jersey
This Hoonved/Bottecchia wool retro team jersey has some beautiful flock lettering which along with it's strong and bold design this looks fabulous today!
Wool Jersey Legnano/Pirelli Wool Jersey
This iconic Legnano/Pirelli green and red retro wool jersey with collars and button pockets was made by Santini to star in a RAI film about Fausto Coppi.
Mobili/Italian Champion JerseyMetauro Mobili/Italian Champion Jersey
A stunning wool jersey made by Santini for 1984 Italian National Champion Vittorio Algeri who later directed Team Milram.
Peugeot Wool 
JerseyPeugeot Wool Jersey
A short sleeve wool team jersey made by Santini for the Peugeot team in the 1980`s with it`s iconic checkerboard design.
1981 JerseySafir/Ludo/Galli 1981 Jersey
Stunning 1981 wool retro jersey from this Belgian team that featured Herman Van Springel in the team of 20 riders.
La Vie Claire 1985 JerseyLa Vie Claire 1985 Jersey
As worn by Bernard Hinault, a truly unique design based on Mondrian`s geometric pattern that was something of a revolution in the peloton.