ADR/Agrigel/Bottecchia 1989 Team Jersey

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Front of the ADR/Agrigel/Bottecchia 1989 Team Jersey

The 1989 edition of the Tour de France was thrilling to the end! Greg Lemond riding a red Bottecchia bicycle, in an ADR jersey winning by a slender margin of 8 seconds!

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Prendas Ciclismo

Year: 1989

Manufacturer: Santini

Associated Bike Brand: Bottechia Cicli

After racing local mountain bike races and club time trials, the glamour of the Tour de France seemed like a different planet. I had never really taken too much notice of it previously but in 1989 I watched what was probably the best edition of the race for many years.

The lack of coverage in those days also seemed to help with the suspense between Greg Lemond and Laurent Fignon. With 30 minutes of coverage every day on Channel 4, as well as the excellent weekly newspaper-style summaries produced by the `Winning` editorial team, the stage was set for the final time trial in Paris with 50 seconds separating the pair.

Lemond went onto the win the race by a slender 8 seconds and now thanks to Armstrong`s results being struck from the record books, remains the only American winner of the race.

Santini sponsored the lowly ADR team who only actually finished four riders in Paris, but this jersey is not made by Santini. During the late 1980`s and early 1990s there was no online shopping and the only way to get your pro team kit was via your local bike shop or via mail order through one of many companies advertising in Cycling Weekly.

Like many other jerseys of the time, they were produced in Belgium by Nico Sport to meet demand, and do not feature the tell-tale signs of an authentic jersey. These is no SMS logo on the jersey, the zip puller is unbranded and the cloth label at the collar is also unbranded.




Date Submitted: 04 Jun 2016