Buckler/Suntour/Colnago 1992 Team Jersey by Decca

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Front of the Buckler/Suntour/Colnago 1992 Team 
Jersey by Decca

1993 was the last year Buckler (a low alcohol lager) was the lead sponsor with Britian`s Dave Rayner a rare GB representive.

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Prendas Ciclismo

Year: 1992

Manufacturer: Decca

Associated Bike Brand: Colnago

Teams: Kwantum to Lotto  

There is an incredible history to the team behind the Buckler brand - even to this day!

The timeline of the team was Kwantum (1984 - 1986), Superconfex (1987 - 1989), Buckler (1990 - 1992), Wordperfect (1993 - 1994), Novell (1995), Rabobank (1996 - 2012), Blanco (2013) and finally the current Belkin Pro Cycling Team (2013 - 2014).

I must thank Walter Manning for submitting this jersey (and others) via our online submission page!




Date Submitted: 17 May 2016