Wordperfect/Suntour/Colnago 1993 Team Jersey by Decca

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Front of the Wordperfect/Suntour/Colnago 1993 
Team Jersey by Decca

Wordperfect took over as lead sponsor in 1993 featuring the delightful multicoloured floppy disks on the design!

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Prendas Ciclismo

Year: 1993

Manufacturer: Decca

Associated Bike Brand: Colnago

Teams: Kwantum to Lotto  

The designers at Decca must have taken their queue from the colourful Mapei team, featuring these delightful multi-coloured floppy disks on the front of the jersey. The WordPerfect product line was sold twice, first to Novell in June 1994 (which meant a change of jersey design!) who then sold it to Corel in January 1996. Incredibly WordPerfect is still going - which I find amazing given the popularity of Microsoft Office and Apache`s Open Office

I must thank Walter Manning for submitting this jersey (and others) via our online submission page!




Date Submitted: 17 May 2016