KAS / Miko / Mavic 1987 Team Jersey

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Front of the KAS / Miko / Mavic 1987 Team Jersey

As used by Sean Kelly in the 1987 season and it's another example where the team reversed the normal colour scheme for the Tour de France.

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Prendas Ciclismo

Year: 1987

Manufacturer: Etxeondo

Associated Bike Brand: Vitus Bikes

The KAS jersey most fans are used to seeing is the mainly yellow version that the likes of Sean Kelly used 1986 to 1988.

This jersey however is an excellent example where the team has been requested by the organisers of the Tour de France to change their normal colour scheme in order to allow the leader of the race (wearing a yellow jersey) to stand out in the peloton.

Website visitor Angus Boulton very kindly submitted this jersey for inclusion on the website in February 2017, and here's an edited story on how the jersey came into his possession.

"I was on holiday in Waterford in October 1990, visited Kinsale, Carrick on Suir etc and dropped in a local shop.  I noticed the jersey on a rail at £30 and thought hang on! I asked the owner if it was something of a rarity. He smiled broadly and replied:   “Yes, it's been sitting there for ages and I've been waiting for someone to realise where it's from, well done!”  The Exteondo label has been cut and you can still see small rust stains over the pockets inside where safety pins for the race numbers had been left on. I'm afraid I did wear it occasionally whilst couriering around London in the 90s, but stopped before it showed signs of wear."

Angus Boulton, February 2017





Date Submitted: 13 Feb 2017