Mapei/GB/Colnago 1996 Jersey by Sportful

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Front of the Mapei/GB/Colnago 1996 Jersey by Sportful

This multi-coloured Mapei/GB team jersey from the 1996 season is a favourite and should be in anybody`s top 10!

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Prendas Ciclismo

Year: 1996

Manufacturer: Sportful

Associated Bike Brand: Colnago

Races: Paris Roubaix  

Teams: Mapei  

The Mapei team started in 1994 as Mapei/Clas, but GB replaced Clas bringing a Belgian Classics contingent including the likes of Johan Museeuw which shaped the future destiny of the team. Over the years, the mighty MAPEI team racked up 653 victories and had an incredble roster of riders at the height of their powers, even TeamSKY would have a job beating them!

It was a sad moment when Dr Giorgio Squinzi decided in 2002 to disband the team, with doping being the primary reason for doing so. It`s worth noting that Mapei have continued their support of grass roots events (including their own annual "Mapei Day") as well as supporting the UCI World Championships on a number of occasions.

There is a great feature on MAPEI: The greatest Ever Team written by Daniel Friebe which is a very interesting read.

It is a 1996 team jersey (despite the two 1995 logos denoting the top Italian-ranked and UCI World ranked team) and around this time, Sportful made actual "Team Issue" garments available to the public for resale - it was pretty rare at the time - but now of course it`s common place for a manufacturer to offer a replica and a pro issue range.



Date Submitted: 17 May 2016