ONCE/Look/Mavic/Etxeondo 1997 Team Jersey

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Front of the ONCE/Look/Mavic/Etxeondo 1997 Team Jersey

The yellow version of the still-striking ONCE jersey made in the Basque Country by Etxeondo.

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Prendas Ciclismo

Year: 1997

Manufacturer: Etxeondo

Associated Bike Brand: Look Bikes

Despite the popularity of this kit (sold by the then fledging Prendas Ciclismo) I never had one. So, I recently got a friend to photograph his jersey for me.

Being a fan of the underdog, I was always more of a Euskdai team who also had their team jerseys made by Etxeondo at the time.

At the time, ONCE used to swap the yellow for pink at the Tour de France so that the members of the team were not confused with the leader of the race. Mercatone Uno also changed the base colour of their jersey for the biggest grand tour of the season.



Date Submitted: 17 May 2016