Selle Italia / Chinol / Benotto / SEB 1982 Team Jersey

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Front of the Selle Italia / Chinol / Benotto / SEB 1982 Team Jersey

This 1980's wool team jersey made by SEB is a mix of wool and acrylic for the jersey's panels with flock lettering used to add the sponsors logos.

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Prendas Ciclismo

Year: 1982

Manufacturer: SEB

Associated Bike Brand: Benotto

This fabulous example of the 1980's wool team jersey is made by SEB, sent to me by my friend Robert of Rome, Italia.

It's a jersey fairly typical of the era, with a mix of 80% Wool/20% Acrylic used for the blue and white panels along with flock lettering employed to add the sponsors logos.

Sella Italia are still very much involved in team sponsorship, although these days they are normally only a technical sponsor often only appearing on the back panel of riders bib shorts or sometime not at all!

Robert kindly elaborated on how he met Franco Chioccioli:

"I met Franco when I raced in Toscana. My house was only a few kilometers from his house and I often visited him and his family. My first ride in Italy was with US pro George Mount on the Sammontana Gelati-Benotto team and Franco, who was a neo-pro in 1982. As we entered into Florence in rush hour traffic, George told me to stay on their wheels and to not say a word - I soon knew why! We never stopped at any stop signs or traffic lights - I couldn't believe my eyes - I almost shit in my pants! God knows how many close calls with cars we had. When we left Florence, Franco glanced at me and saw that I was a whiter shade of pale. He laughed and said, "Che casino, eh Roberto"!"

Robert Reis, January 2017





Date Submitted: 11 Jan 2017