Tour de France / Toshiba Combination Jersey

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Front of the Tour de France / Toshiba Combination Jersey

This multicoloured jersey was a combination of the overall yellow, green points and polka dot king of the mountains jersey that was withdrawn in 1989.

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Prendas Ciclismo

Year: 1985

Manufacturer: Unknown

Associated Bike Brand: Look Bikes

Every grand tour has it's big classification winners, normally awarded for the fastest overall time, a points winner and a king (or queen) of the mountains.

Below these big classments are the small awards that are often targetted by the smaller teams and riders who do not have the legs or horsepower - sometimes not even a jersey is awarded - your weight in beer, a big cheese or in the case of the combatitivty award at the Tour de France a different coloured race number.

However, long before that, the Tour de France had a unique Combination classification jersey that was first awarded in 1968 (with a white jersey at the time) and sadly finally in the epic 1989 edition of the race to Steven Rooks of the PDM team.

The design of the jersey is a mashup of the three leaders jerseys - I personally can't stand the design - but I really liked the idea behind the awrd often rewarding the most complete rider.

Another favourite competition of mind was the Inter-Giro competition that was awarded from 1989 to 2006 at the Giro D'Italia. The intergiro worked in a similar fashion to the overall/general classification, just from a point midway through each stage.    Ironically, the Inter-Giro was replaced by a combination competition!

Greg Lemond was another famous wearer of the Combination jersey, and i November 2016, Rouleur magazine wrote an interesting journal piece about the La Vie Claire jersey.



Date Submitted: 22 Nov 2016