US Postal Service/Trek/Pearlizumi 1999 Team Jersey

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Front of the US Postal Service/Trek/Pearlizumi 1999 Team Jersey

USPS was in the professional peloton for the 1996 - 2004 seasons, but I feel this 1999 version of the team jersey by Pearlizumi is the very best.

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Prendas Ciclismo

Year: 1999

Manufacturer: Pearlizumi

Associated Bike Brand: Trek Bikes

Whilst it was somewhat inevitable that the Swoosh of Nike arrived on the team jersey for the 2000 season, I still feel this Pearlizumi version looks far better than any of the preceding versions from the American sports wear giant.

It's interesting to note that during the 1999 Armstrong did wear a Nike jersey as they sponsored the Tour de France leaders jerseys from 1996 to 2011 - although it is widely known that Giordana made those on their behalf.

After his recovery from cancer, no European team was willing to take a chance on the Texan in 1998 but his links back to Thomas Weisel's Subaru-Montgomery amateur team helped him get a ride on the 1997 US Postal Team.

We all now know that most of Armstrong's results were chemically assisted and I suspect we will never really know the full extent of his drug programme assisted his early career including that epic win at a rain-soaked world championships at Oslo in 1993.




Date Submitted: 22 Dec 2016