Change Log

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In order to track the changes, I've introduced this page which displays a list of notable changes to the website including bug fixes, new features, etc.


Change Log
Version Description Date
2.0.5 CakePHP: Upgraded to 3.4.6 16-05-2017
2.0.4 Added a new page that shows the 18 most popular jerseys in the online collection. 07-02-2017
2.0.3 Added structured data in JSON-LD format to page template. Removed old-style Microdata from the HTML. 16-01-2017
2.0.2 CakePHP: Upgraded to 3.3.11. 28-12-2016
2.0.1 Inline CSS: A small change to the page template to remove a small CSS to improve the loading speed. 28-12-2016
2.0.0 New page: In order to track the changes made to the website, I've introduced this change log page! 28-12-2016