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After the publication of the Art of the Jersey book, I have more time to add more garments to my online collection of team jerseys.  This page gives you a quick view on the 12 latest garments that have been added to the website.  

If you would like to know what changes have been made to the website, you need the Change Log page.



KAS JerseyKAS Jersey
Sean Kelly in a yellow KAS jersey (often with green arm warmers) thundering along the cobbles in Paris Roubaix is a sight to behold!
SEM JerseySEM Jersey
Most Sean Kelly fans will have a favourite that he rode for, usually the KAS jersey, but my favourite is this SEM jersey!
Diana Team JerseyDiana Team Jersey
This dramatic team jersey from the 1990 season was given a black background especially for the riders taking part in the Giro D'Italia.
Polti JerseyPolti Jersey
The Polti jersey was made by Santini throughout it's history and is one that often appears in people's worst jersey lists!
Mapei Day 2014 JerseyMapei Day 2014 Jersey
This jersey is a 10th anniversary celebration for Mapei Day - a fantastic annual multi-sport event that takes place in July.
Mapei Day 2006 JerseyMapei Day 2006 Jersey
This event jersey by Santini for the annual Mapei Day features an eagle as part of the design for 2006.
Mapei Day 2010 JerseyMapei Day 2010 Jersey
This celebration jersey made by Santini for the 2010 Mapei Day with the design created in memory of Franco Ballerini.
Kelme/Costa Blanca JerseyKelme/Costa Blanca Jersey
The Kelme jersey was very bold and distinctive in the professional peloton, keeping it's in-house style of the white, green and blue stripes for many years.
KAS Jersey (1987)KAS Jersey (1987)
As used by Sean Kelly in the 1987 season and it's another example where the team reversed the normal colour scheme for the Tour de France.
Saunier Duval/TdF JerseySaunier Duval/TdF Jersey
For the 2006 Tour de France, Santini provided the nine Saunier Duval/Prodir team riders with an alternative kit featuring more white & less yellow.
Leopard/Luxembourg JerseyLeopard/Luxembourg Jersey
This Luxembourg Champion team jersey was designed for Frank Schleck and was of course based on the cool design of the standard Leopark / Trek team jersey.
Chateaux D'Ax 1989 JerseyChateaux D'Ax 1989 Jersey
Made famous by team leaders Gianni Bugno and Tony Rominger, this bold Chateaux D'Ax 1989 team jersey is the latest classic team jersey to be added to my online collection!