Adidas Cycling Clothing

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Adidas have supplied the Great Britain National Team (TeamGB) since 2005.  It's a fairly open secret that Adidas do not make any of their cycling kit, it is virtually all made by MOA Sport in Italy for them as a white label agreement.

Whilst Sky bankroll a lot of Team GB's activities, it's still pretty disappointing to see the words 'Great Britain' given less prominence then 'Sky' in the current Great Britain cycling team jersey design.

If you are interested in the history of the GB team jersey, Cycling Weekly ran an interesting article which is now available online here.

Australian/Commie Games JerseyAustralian/Commie Games Jersey
Australia topped the medals table at their home games at Melbourne which no doubt kept the partisan crowd happy!
Deloitte RAB 
JerseyDeloitte RAB Jersey
This is an official riders jersey that Sarah Storey used during the 1,008 mile, raising money for Paralympics GB.
GB/Sky Team L/S 
JerseyGB/Sky Team L/S Jersey
The now iconic TeamGB jersey was worn between 2005 and 2012 with Sky and Halfords sponsor logos added.
GB/Sky Team S/S JerseyGB/Sky Team S/S Jersey
No doubt inspired by the London 2012 kit, British Cycling launched this new jersey design for the 2013/2014 season.


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