Assos of Switzerland

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I don't have a huge amount of Assos jerseys on the site at present but given the obvious impact they have had on the cycle clothing industry over the years that is really something that I should address. 

Curiously Assos have never really made a concentrated effort to publicise their brand via a professional road team, the longest association with the pros being their sponsorship of the Suisse National Team.

With both Assos and Castelli both claiming to have invented the Lycra shorts first on their brand's history pages, I'd really love to know which one was first!   Maybe neither of them?   I suspect we'll never know!

Ready/Halfords JerseyEver Ready/Halfords Jersey
Made in Switzerland by Assos, a fantastic retro cycling Ever Ready jersey who were a British domestic professional cycling team in the 1980s/1990s.
Malvor/Sidi/Bottecchia JerseyMalvor/Sidi/Bottecchia Jersey
Another classic jersey from Assos made famous by Acacio da Silva winning in the high mountains of the Giro.
1996 JerseyPostobon/Assos 1996 Jersey
Super-colourful Postobon Colombian 1996 team jersey produced by Assos of Switzerland.


Website: Assos