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During the golden era of mountain biking in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Tim Gould and David Baker proudly represented the UK all over the world often winning World Cup races along the way in their iconic Cycles Peugeot kit that was made by Blacky and latterly Santini.

It's a brand that is not longer in existence, but I hope to get one of those Cycles Peugeot jerseys photographed for the website - especially as Tim Gould is now back racing!

Dromedario 1986 JerseyDromedario 1986 Jersey
With all the news about the demise of the Tour of Qatar, I decided to add this 1986 jersey - it's not often you have a camel on a cycle jersey afterall!
Weinmann 1990 
JerseyWeinmann 1990 Jersey
Thomas Wegmuller and Adrie Van Der Poel are two of my favourite riders as is the glorious Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra bikes that the Weinmann/SMM Uster team rode.


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