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Given the dominance and popularity of Castelli, it's a great shame that the number of jerseys on my site really doesn't truely represent their history in the sport. So for 2016, I've decided to make Castelli a target for getting some additional Castelli team and retro jerseys from this fine Italian brand online!

Castelli are well known for their trademark scorpion logo - Lo Scorpione - which was first designed by Maurizio Castelli in 1974 and the company (sensibly in my opinion) has stuck with it.  Castelli traces its roots back to Vittore Gianni who through the years clothed AC Milan, Juventus, and the Milan Ballet.

I'm pretty sure I was first made aware of it via the Belgian Hitachi team that boasted two-time world champion Claude Criquielion amongst their ranks. Later that was reinforced when I noticed the Scorpion on the 1989 Tour de France jerseys during that epic edition of the race.

Castelli themselves are understandably happy to shout about their history and this video is very good plotting some of the key moments.

Cannondale/Garmin 2015 JerseyCannondale/Garmin 2015 Jersey
This Cannondale/Garmin team jersey by Castelli was released in June ror the nine riders to wear during the three weeks of the 2015 Tour de France.
Cervelo Test Team 2009 JerseyCervelo Test Team 2009 Jersey
This aero team jersey was used from the Tour of Qatar launch up until the end of June when the team then rode a white version for the TdF.
Tongo/Colnago 82 JerseyDel Tongo/Colnago 82 Jersey
An iconic jersey design: the Del Tondo / Colnago team had some great champions on the road and were clothed by a number of different clothing manufacturers too!
Sportman/Castelli Wool JerseyGS Sportman/Castelli Wool Jersey
This 80% wool team jersey has some great Castelli brand sewn-on patches and a Castelli branded zip but that`s all I know about it!
Hitachi 1988 JerseyHitachi 1988 Jersey
Made famous by Claude Criquielion, I remember the Hitachi jersey by Castelli hung up in the window of my favourite road bike shop in the late 1980`s.
Hoonved/Bottecchia JerseyHoonved/Bottecchia Jersey
This Hoonved/Bottecchia wool retro team jersey has some beautiful flock lettering which along with it's strong and bold design this looks fabulous today!
Inoxpran/Giro D'Italia 1981Inoxpran/Giro D'Italia 1981
This rare and original Castelli wool pink leaders jersey is signed by the winner of 1981 Giro D'Italia Giovanni Battaglin!
Inoxpran/Vuelta Espana 1981Inoxpran/Vuelta Espana 1981
This rare, original wool team jersey by Castelli Jersey is signed by the winner of 1981 Vuelta a Espana Giovanni Battaglin!
Mercatone Uno 
1995 JerseyMercatone Uno 1995 Jersey
The combined Mercatone Uno/Saeco team 35 riders, which would later split to form two teams.
MTN/Qhubeka 2015 
JerseyMTN/Qhubeka 2015 Jersey
Who influenced the design of this monochrome vertically striped jersey? The Carpana jersey from the 60`s, Juventus or Zebras?
Murella/Rossin JerseyMurella/Rossin Jersey
This retro Castelli team jersey was way ahead of it's time. It's striking jersey design and with the matching bib shorts looked great on TV at the time!
Retro 1983 JerseyRenault/Elf Retro 1983 Jersey
The Renault/Elf team jersey was and still is a really striking design, made by Castelli in Italy.


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