Decca Team Clothing

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Based in the East Flemish town of Zottegem, Decca clothing was founded in the 1930s and according to it's website produces all of it's clothing in Belgium using in-house design and production facilities.

After a number of years without sponsoring a to-flight professional team, 2014 saw Decca kit-out the Katusha team, but now they only sponsor the Leopard development team.

To reinforce their historical credentials, take a look at the interesting story that I've put together that looks at the history of the Kwantum to Lotto-Jumbo team who's history dates back to 1984.  There's a few Decca jerseys featured on their including one of my favourites the Wordperfect jersey.

Buckler/Suntour/Colnago JerseyBuckler/Suntour/Colnago Jersey
1993 was the last year Buckler (a low alcohol lager) was the lead sponsor with Britian`s Dave Rayner a rare GB representive.
Hallen/Decosol/Yoko JerseyKwantum Hallen/Decosol/Yoko Jersey
What links this 1980`s team jersey with the 2013 Belkin Pro Cycling Team? Find out!
1985 JerseyNikon/Colnago 1985 Jersey
Top road-man sprinter Belgian Freddy Maertens rode for Nikon-Van Schilt-Elro Snacks-Colnago in 1985, but only for three months.
Novell/Colnago/Decca JerseyNovell/Colnago/Decca Jersey
Taking over from Wordperfect, the Novell team jersey by Decca from the 1995 season looks pretty safe (some would say dull) in comparison.
Super Confex 
1988 Retro JerseySuper Confex 1988 Retro Jersey
An iconic Super Confex/Yoko/Colnago retro team jersey from the 1988 season made in Belgium by Decca.
Wordperfect/Suntour/Colnago JerseyWordperfect/Suntour/Colnago Jersey
Wordperfect took over as lead sponsor in 1993 featuring the delightful multicoloured floppy disks on the design!


Website: Decca