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Although you may not own a piece of MOA/Nalini clothing, the chances are that you do own a piece of cycle clothing that they have made!

MOA, based in Castel d’Ario (Italy) offer a private label service to many very well known manufacturers including the likes of Adidas, Rapha and many others who don't exactly advertise it.   Rapha actually blogged about it

There was alot of fuss at the time when Team Sky changed from Adidas to Rapha, but of course both kits where made by MOA!

If you'd like to know why the name Nalini - it was the original name of the microfibre seat pad that they developed to supersede Chamois Deer leather previously used.

Banesto 1997 JerseyBanesto 1997 Jersey
The Banesto logo was present in the European peloton for 13 years, most notably during Miguel Indurain`s five Tour de France wins!
Banesto/GB Champion JerseyBanesto/GB Champion Jersey
Worn by Jeremy Hunt in 1997, is without doubt the best Great Britain national champion jersey of all time!
Sport JerseyCarrera/Longoni Sport Jersey
The denim look bib shorts looked great on Chiappucci and Pantani but they didn`t on the amateur fans!
JerseyCarrera/Tassoni Jersey
The denim-look bib shorts were a heanous crime against fashion, but the jersey design has stood the test of time well.
Casto/Castorama 1993 JerseyCasto/Castorama 1993 Jersey
This jersey is from the French Castorama professional team who decided it was a good idea to make their team jersey to look like their employee`s uniforms!
Chateaux D'Ax 1989 JerseyChateaux D'Ax 1989 Jersey
Made famous by team leaders Gianni Bugno and Tony Rominger, this bold Chateaux D'Ax 1989 team jersey is the latest classic team jersey to be added to my online collection!
Colombia/Coldportes JerseyColombia/Coldportes Jersey
After seeing the striking Colombia/Coldportes jersey on the front of Rouleur issue 60, I had to get the jersey online!
Columbia 2008 
Team JerseyColumbia 2008 Team Jersey
This Columbian / High Road jersey is from the middle of the 2008 when the Americna sportswear company announced their sponsorship of the teams before the start of the Tour de France.
Euskaltel 2011 
Team JerseyEuskaltel 2011 Team Jersey
The bright orange colours of the Euskaltel/Euskadi made in Italy by MOA Sport. It`s certainly is bright!
2006 JerseyFrench/Caisse 2006 Jersey
A French national champion team jersey made by Nalini for Florent Brard in 2006.
Kelme/Costa Blanca JerseyKelme/Costa Blanca Jersey
The Kelme jersey was very bold and distinctive in the professional peloton, keeping it's in-house style of the white, green and blue stripes for many years.
1996 JerseyMG/Technogym 1996 Jersey
This jersey from Nalini is from the Italian professional team who had Bugno, Bartoli, Bettini and 1996 Olympic Champion Pascal Richard.
TdF 1997 JerseyTdF 1997 Jersey
This yellow jersey was made by Nalini to celebrate Jan Ullrich's victory in the 1997 Tour de France.
Champion/Domina Vacanze JerseyWorld Champion/Domina Vacanze Jersey
In 2002 Mario Cippolini`s won the World Championships at the Zolder Motor Racing circuit, allowing him to wear the coveted Rainbow Jersey the following year.


Website: Moa Nalini