Submit to our Collection

Once this website gets up and running, it will become clear to all that I have too many cycle jerseys - although not as many as the Dutch collector Henk Theuns who produced a book in Dutch "Koerstrui!” that detailed over 1,250 different jerseys in his collection!

I would like to think that over time, people will be generous enough to submit jerseys that will potentially be of interest to others.   I will try my best to reply to everybody who submits a jersey, but it will be important to keep the quality of the photos and data so not all will be featured.  

At present, I'd be extremely grateful if you could restrict your submissions to professional team or leaders jerseys only.   I will adjust the photographs (removing the background, adjusting the brightness, colourbalanace, etc) that you send so they will look consistent with the others featured in this online collection.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These must be your own photos, not copied from other websites. Due to copyright reasons we cannot publish any photos which are not taken by you or your friends.