Mapei Cycling Team

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During their time in the professional peloton, the Mapei team dominated professional cycling at the time which included winning an incredible 653 races!

I could never hope to feature every single Mapei team jersey that ever existed - but I'll certainly show you a good cross section of them.  Due to the numerous world and national champions on the team rosters, there are a huge number of special champion jerseys out there too!

The team started out life in 1993 when Parentini made the team jersey for a single season, that saw the team compete as either Eldor-Viner or Mapei-Viner.

The following year, Sportful started a long relationship with the team that would last right until the penultimate year of sponsorship when Santini too over for the final year in 2002.

There are of course numerous articles online about the team, but this article on is probably the best out there.



World Cup/Mapei GB JerseyWorld Cup/Mapei GB Jersey
A World Cup jersey with Mapei/GB logos made by Sportful to celebrate Johan Museeuw winning the 8th edition of the World Cup in 1996.
Japanese Champion/Mapei JerseyJapanese Champion/Mapei Jersey
Spotting a Japanese Champion jersey at the important European professional races is not always easy.
Belgian Champion/Mapei GBBelgian Champion/Mapei GB
A Belgian Champion jersey with Mapei/GB logos, this jersey was made by Sportful to celebrate Tom Steels` at the Belgian Championships.
World Champion/Mapei GBWorld Champion/Mapei GB
A World Champion jersey with Mapei/GB/Latexeco logos, this jersey was made by Sportful to celebrate Abraham Olano`s win at the 1995 road world championships in Colombia.
Mapei/Italian Champion 2001 JerseyMapei/Italian Champion 2001 Jersey
A replica jersey from Sportful based on the design worn by Italian Champion Michele Bartoli and also Daniele Nardello the following year.
Mapei/Swiss Champion 1998 JerseyMapei/Swiss Champion 1998 Jersey
A replica jersey from Sportful based on the design worn by Swiss Champion Oscar Camezind whilst riding for the mighty MAPEI team.
Mapei/GB 1996 JerseyMapei/GB 1996 Jersey
This multi-coloured Mapei/GB team jersey from the 1996 season is a favourite and should be in anybody`s top 10!
Mapei Day 2010 JerseyMapei Day 2010 Jersey
This celebration jersey made by Santini for the 2010 Mapei Day with the design created in memory of Franco Ballerini.
Mapei Day 2006 JerseyMapei Day 2006 Jersey
This event jersey by Santini for the annual Mapei Day features an eagle as part of the design for 2006.

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